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Binks Sake (My Version)

2009-05-22 02:11:14 by Xerrat

Hey Guys, Xerrat Here!

So this time, I've decided to sing one of my favorite songs from One Piece "Binks Sake" featuring many of my voices. This is my first Japanese song to sing so it's not exactly the best, but it is good. Hope you enjoy my version of "Binks Sake":

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The Anderson Tapes

2009-04-26 02:06:35 by Xerrat

Hey guys, this is Xerrat here!

A few months ago, I was asked by Newgrounds user Eisaysek if I would do one of the voices for his back-then upcoming audio project "The Anderson Tapes" originally written by Strength-in-Virtue. I've accepted the offer, and, surprisingly, I've accepted to play the voice of none other than Keith Anderson, the main character of the the story.

Here's what Eisaysek wrote about the Anderson Tapes:

"It's about a man (Keith) who is doing research for a novel he is writing on paranormal activity. He gets access for a week to a haunted house and finds that its more than he can handle. Based on the tapes from 'The Evil Dead.'"

This is pretty much the first EVER audio collab that I got to do the voice of a lead character. I didn't do too bad, but I didn't do too excellent as you will hear, but overall I did a pretty good job on playing the voice of Keith.

Here's a list of the voice actors, including me, who helped out on the project:

Detective Crowley - Dan "ConVito" Conlin
Deputy Smith - BrokenDeck
Keith Anderson - Xerrat (Me)
Recorder - Melissa D. Johnson
Male Ghost - Druoxtheshredder
Female Ghost 1 - Katie "voicegirl" Dehnart
Female Ghost 2 - Eisaysek

So when you get the chance, please give the original writter Strength-in-Virtue, Eisaysek, me, and all the other voice actors credit for a job well done.

So, without further ado, here's Eisaysek's latest audio submission, "The Anderson Tapes: /232580

Until next time, see ya later!

Hey Guys this is Xerrat here!

It's been a while since I've made my first post here on Newgrounds. Lately, besides doing all that voice acting stuff, I've been searching for some good videos on Youtube. What I've found on Youtube is possibly one of the funniest, most fucked-up videos you'll ever see. This video is done by "MrTennek", one of the most wackiest, insane, & funniest people on Youtube. Check it out as I present to you "A Hodgepodge of Assorted Poppycock:

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For more of MrTennek's fucked-up videos, check out his homepage at:

Well, that's all for today. Expect some more voice-acting stuff in the near future. This is Xerrat, signing off!

Hey Guys! It's me Xerrat.

In honor of me becoming a new member of the Newgrounds Team, I hearby present my first fandub for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. It's not the best fandub I've done, but it is pretty good. Enjoy!

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